Lonsdale Telephone & Lonsdale Video Ventures

About Us
The Lonsdale Telephone Company has been serving the Lonsdale community for over 80 years and we are always making improvements to meet our customers needs. Lonsdale Telephone was founded in 1936. Today, we have one of the largest fiber to the home networks in the metro area. We're focused on telephone, IPTV cable, and internet. We deliver digital services, provide faster Internet and clearer phone service. We provide local and long distance services as well as Custom Calling Features, CLASS Services, Voice Mail, High Speed Internet, and Television Programming available in most areas!

We are proud to offer:

  • One of the most advanced and powerful fiber to the home networks.
  • Basic residential voice grade access to the public switched network with single party touch tone local service, including unlimited calling within the 507-744 exchange and Webster(952-652) and New Market (952-461) for $10.00 per month.
  • Access to Emergency Services (E911) by dialing “911”.
  • Access to Directory Assistance for Information and Telephone Numbers and Operator Services for Call Completion.
  • Access to Inter Exchange Carrier Services for Long Distance Calling and Toll Blocking to control toll.
  • Subsidized discounts are available to customers meeting certain low income criteria (See Lifeline, Linkup)